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The Whisper

There is one memory in particular that Davide, known to most by the name of "Lope", has imprinted in his mind. It is a memory that he treasures with pride and that triggers a smile every time it is told. It concerns a message sent on Facebook in 2010 with the right amount of respect and curiosity to Dave, an expert English carp angler who is both a foreigner and well-liked by everyone in the village. "Hi Dave, I'm Davide Loperfido, I've been spinning fishing for a couple of years and I would now like to specialize in carp fishing, I saw that you are an expert in the technique and I wanted to ask you for some tips to get started! - "Hi Davide! It will be an absolute pleasure to help a young angler make his way into the difficult but wonderful world of carp fishing, I'll talk to you soon and I'll show you the various equipment, bye old man!"

Shortly thereafter Davide will begin to move on from spoons and minnows (which he has never abandoned, in fact even today one of his favorite techniques is spinning and pike casting) to boilies, indicators and rigs following the good Dave on his fishing trips.

In the meantime, not far from Davide and with an extremely strategic residence, Andrea and Filippo spend their entire youth hunting in the two large bodies of water that kiss the sides of the hill on which the two and the rest of the whisperers live.  ;

It is a matter of just before that, immersed in the waters that border towns and cultivated fields, our whisperers make friends united by fishing lines, jewels and even several coats.

Over the years we become increasingly specialized, fishing techniques are learned and mastered in an increasingly finer way: from carp to tench on the bottom in summer, to light spinning, up to fly fishing, both nymph and dry. . Even  ledgering,  Float fishing and boat fishing will be the protagonists of whisperers' days not to be forgotten.

The consolidated friendship, the sharing of different passions and the homogeneous union of apparently different characters have contributed to creating this space. A space where everything that can be read and seen virtually is engraved on the book of our memories and on the spectrum of our emotions from the years gone by.


Who we are

aka "Lope"

Fisherman, fishing guide and writer


aka "Goofy"

Writer and Fisherman


alias "Raota"



aka "Thron"



alias "Cippo"

Photographer and Web Developer


aka "Zima"

Photographer and drone operator

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