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Young Local Lines

Young Lines, Environment and Fishing

During 2023, thanks to the tender and the support of the Youth Plan of the Pergine Valsugana and Valle del Fersina area, we completed a project dedicated to the young fishermen of the area.

Below you can see the events that came to life thanks to the participation of numerous young people who decided to participate and get closer to this passion.




III° Training meeting

The world of fishing: a first valid approach

If the previous events have placed the emphasis on the environment, the third meeting will immerse the participants in an interesting first approach to the techniques, equipment and practical notions used in the world of fishing. 


III° Outdoor Activity

Fishing trip with snack

The third outing offers a day of fishing to apply and experiment with the help of the Water Whisperers team what was learned in the training meeting. During the day, the fisheries warden will explore the role of the Associations on territorial waters with the young participants.

The outing will be crowned with a snack on the lake.


IVth training meeting

Birdwatching and avifauna of the lake

The fourth meeting will focus on the world of birdwatching, learning about and appreciating the avifauna that populate the waters.


V° Outdoor Activity

Adventure on the lake and birdwatching activities

The fifth and final adventure is dedicated to the world of birdwatching and aims to focus on local avifauna. By going to the stations located throughout the area, participants will be able to observe and recognize the birds that populate the waters, exploring the relationship between birds, other animals and fish. 

The excursion will end with the handing over of the guide as recognition and culmination of the journey.

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